Zuzu Galova

Zuzu is a Slovak designer, illustrator, photographer and craft-maker with a passion for the natural world. She is currently based in Sydney, Australia, after spending a few years wandering the world. She recently opened the independent, Crea Crea Studio, with her boyfriend.
Known for her diverse skill-set, she has worked with international advertising agencies, start-ups and various organisations including: Coca-Cola, Theatre Nitra, Meat Factory Clothing and Yoga Beyond.
As a visual artist and designer, Zuzu has two different styles evident in her personal work. Zuzu inner-child, the Innocent side, is portrayed through fun, children's illustrations. Zuzu has published the children's book Bunnies Adventures, which has won an award of Best children's book 2013 in the Art Book Wanted Awards. The book was published in Slovakia and is now in negotiations for an Australian release.
Zuzu's dark side comes out in the sexy and provocative illustrations of her series Animal Inside Me.

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