Graham Reed

It is not often that an artist can dance between styles successfully and still pull it off. Case in point, Graham Reed, aka IG Retro_Chef is such an artist that can balance the fragile acts of these two realms, Contemporary modern art and Bansky-Wharhol-esque artwork. Graham is an artist from England that lives and works in Sydney Australia. Endearing the audience to multifaceted ideas of shapes and color. Reed's exploration of paint heightens the viewer’s experience of bold color contrasts. The warm and cold polarities of Reeds work shows the strength of composition invoking distinct emotions sometimes devoid in abstract painting. In his day job as a chef Graham is aware of the enormous amount of waste that is discarded everyday. For his art Graham uses materials thrown away and upcycles them for his works, while his Pop-art oeuvre shows his ability to attract a wide audience. In his piece done in stark black and white, Reed adds two strips of black paint on opposite ends of the canvas displaying his ability to play between Mondrian-like geometry and Bansky-like stencil work. Is the work appealing? Reed's style borrows from those who came before him but he adds his own twist of modern day cool. These paintings would be a great asset to the inside of any contemporary home or office.

Artist Statement
“Growing up all I did was draw, but after being a little wild I didn't get into any fine art schools so I became a qualified chef. My pulse in life is all things creative but mostly art, music, photography and cooking. After getting a job working in the creative workshop for the Mardi Gras team (for the last 5 years consecutively) I stepped into a world of painting. After working alongside some very interesting and creative individuals from all over the world I started to collaborate and venture off into solo works and exhibitions. My style is abstract and stencil and after being a chef for years I hate to see waste so working with the workshop I started to recycle materials and paints and turn what would be "rubbish for the bin" into rustic , retro artworks for anywhere to be enjoyed. I would spend many nights in this huge warehouse sanding back woods, mixing old and new paints with a few beers, cigarettes and the loud echo of music through the industrial walls. I got to work and my love and creativity I always had was reborn”

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