Henri Lamy

Henri Lamy is a French figurative painter, born in 1985. Seduced by the immediacy and spontaneity of the acrilyc, the quality of his work is enhanced by the lively colors and his expressive compositions, as well as the use of palette knife.

Initiated at a very young age by his father, Henri is an admirer of Pollock. His painting appears to be more abstract at close range but becomes more figurative from a distance.
He is a member of the artistic squat 59 Rivoli (art residence in the city of Paris consisting of more than 30 artists), and has exposed his works in Lyon, Aix en Provence, Paris, Nanjing, Beijing, Manila, Tokyo , Hong Kong, Geneva, Beyruth and Bangkok. These days, he is running a temporary art residence in Lyon called Taverne Gutenberg, where he invited more than 50 fellow artists to collaborate.

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