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The sun of god #1


Shift from within

Whatever word or label we use to describe the oneness of our universe, we are all inescapably participating in it.
Haruyo Morita’s works explore the connected nature of this existence, recalibrating our perception of ourselves by focusing on our spiritual similarities, whilst accepting our man-made differences. “Just because people believe in different things, they are no better or less - we are just made differently to keep the balance in this universe.”
Haruyo’s paintings reflect this understanding by stripping away our human forms and figures to reveal the shared essence of what it actually means to be a human being below the surface. Haruyo seeks to replace judgement, malice and confusion with a gentle understanding and calm observation. Her planetary orbs of human experience sit suspended in ethereal whiteness; peaceful, egoless and beautiful. In a world where many resolve themselves to negative energy and the perceived drudgery of existence, Haruyo reaches for more by focusing on acceptance and embracing the poetry in everything around her.
There is no instruction on how to feel, only an effort to inspire by showing us one possibility and prompting us to make our own decision, to create the changes we desire for ourselves, from within.

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