Paula Rossel is a 34 years old chilean artist with a bachelor degree in fine arts from the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, Chile.
Since then, she has explored differents aspects such as engraving, photography, video art, among others. Nevertheless she has chosen drawing and oil painting as her main means of work, which has been presented in different exhibitions.

2015 “Muestra de taller” Universidad San Sebastián, Santiago.

2015 ”Reflecta” Galería Oops, Barrio Italia, Santiago.

2014 “Laberintos de amor y erotismo” Centro cultural La Reina, Santiago.

2010 ”Emulsiones fotograficas artesanales” Camara Lúcida, Valparaíso.

2005 ”Derivas” Centro cultural de Reñaca.

2004 “Plástica IV” Centro cultural Ex cárcel, Valparaíso.

Paula Rossel