Sharing our culture is the beginning of creativity

Sharing our culture is the beginning of creativity “. Le Petit Bateau (“the little boat”) is an art collective launched in May 2014. Everything started in a garage and backyard space at the rear of a residential building, kitted out by Anne-Sophie Ridelaire (AnSo), a curator from Paris, and her husband Gaetano Russo (Tano), an Italian boat designer. LPB is now a collective composed by visual artists, performers, musicians, designers, architects, carpenters, coming from all around the world and work together on this common goal to promote Art in all its forms and make it accessible to everyone. It is the energy and the creativity of its members that create the strength of LPB. Based in Sydney, France and Italy, the collective organise regularly, exhibitions, workshop, art installation, festivals, performances, and movie premiere. Each events are respecting the values and causes that LPB defends : Ecology, Art and Sharing.

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