Sharing our culture is the beginning of creativity

Le Petit Bateau (“the little boat”) launched in May 2014 and has quickly become a much-loved part of the landscape for many Bondi locals. Everything started in a garage and backyard space at the rear of a residential building on Bondi Road, kitted out by Anne-Sophie Ridelaire (AnSo), a curator from Paris, and her husband Gaetano Russo (Tano), an Italian boat designer. Now Le Petit Bateau (“LPB”) holds exhibitions and events every week in different venues around Sydney which offer interesting perspectives from local and international artists. Add to that an eclectic and friendly mix of locals and foreigners, workshop, live music and even room to boogie – it’s way more than just a gallery. People from all backgrounds come together to enjoy the guinguette attitude, exchange ideas and be part of a friendly community. Le Petit Bateau actually reflects AnSo and Tano’s dream of turning a real boat into a gallery. Here you’ll experience a warm, welcoming and non-pretentious vibe that not all of those other places have.

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